HONY For The Holidays was an experiment we tried for the first time last year, where we found holiday dinners for people who happened to be stuck in New York with no place to go for Christmas. (The idea emerged from my experience during the early days of HONY, when I was too broke to go home, and spent Christmas Eve at a 24 hour diner. So I know how much it sucks.) My girlfriend organized the whole thing, and we ended up matching about 15 or 20 people with families who had an extra place at the table. It was really cool.

Anyway, my girlfriend is ready to do it again this year. She’s pretty fired up about it, actually. I gently reminded her that the audience is 20x larger this time around, but she was undeterred. She’s had her Excel spreadsheet ready for days, and I even got yelled at last night for not posting anything yet.
“I’ll do it tomorrow,” I told her.
“You said that yesterday,” she said.

So please, if you can spare an extra spot at the table this Christmas, please be in touch. And if you have no place to go this Christmas, please be in touch. We’ll match you up with somebody, and much cheer will be had. We’ll also make sure everyone is well acquainted before they meet, so there will be no surprises: honyfortheholidays@gmail.com

The attached picture is from one of the dinners last year.


When you send an email:

Please include GUEST or HOST in SUBJECT LINE
- HOST: include how many people in host party, ages, approximate location, what time they will be eating, and how many guests they can host
- GUEST: include age(s) and approximate location

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