As many of you have already noticed, the HONY Book has been unavailable online all week. During the last three days of November, we basically sold our stock for the entire holiday season. At the end of Monday, Barnes and Noble’s warehouses were empty and Amazon was oversold by nearly 20,000 orders. Another sizable shipment was en route from the printer, but that was immediately evaporated by the backlog. (If you ordered through Monday, you should be fine).

I wish I could say that the book will be available online shortly. But it’s not looking good. We have another shipment of 25k books due around the 10th— but online sales have remained strong despite the “Out of Stock” message, and a large chunk of those have already been claimed. That means there are only a few thousand more unclaimed books in the pipeline.

Printers are overloaded during the holiday season, and for awhile it was looking like me might have no new books before Christmas. But the CEO of Macmillan (bless his soul) made a high level call, and it’s looking (fingers crossed) like we might have managed to get another 50 to 75k coming off the press on Dec. 16th, arriving in warehouses on the 17th and 18th. Obviously, with shipping times, this will be cutting it close. So I’ll keep everyone in the loop.

But I just wanted to let everyone know that if you are waiting for Amazon to say “In Stock,” you may be waiting awhile. And I’d hate for the book to become unavailable elsewhere in the meantime. You’d be better off going to your local bookseller. Barnes and Noble still have a decent amount of stock in-store, especially in the New York area. The indies have decent stocks. (Again, especially in New York— Posman, Word, Strand, etc). But when those stocks go, there will be almost nothing in the pipeline to resupply— until the 17th or 18th, at the earliest, hopefully.

On one hand, this is all obviously very exciting to me because we sold so many books. But there already is, and will continue to be, a major supply issue this holiday season— especially online. And I wanted the people who follow the blog to be the first to know about it, in case you had your heart set on a HONY book.

Anyway, um, happy holidays!

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