"With how far the younger generation has gotten off track, there’s a lot of grandparents like me that sit around and worry about their grandbabies and great grandbabies."

"This is getting too personal."

"What do you feel most guilty about?"
"When things weren’t going well, I used to get angry at the wrong people for the wrong reasons. A lot of times, I’d take my anger at a situation and scatter it on my wife and kids."

"I got a Master’s degree in acting and now I’m working as a waitress."
"What’s the toughest part about being an actress?"
"There’s a million of us."

Seen in Central Park

"What’s the sexiest thing about being a library technical assistant?"
"Hmmm… I don’t know. But we did find a collection of 1960’s X-rated magazines in the microfilm department."

"I’m studying to be a librarian."

"What’s the sexiest part about being a librarian?"

"I’d say the width of our knowledge. The rest of academia seems to have a rather specific focal point, whereas librarians need to know enough to serve as a guide for researchers of every discipline."

"He just found it."

"I’ve taken thousands of photos of people in New York, and I find out a little bit about…"
"I’m Hustle Man! That’s all you need to know."

"I’m waiting for her bus to come. You know those things you took for granted when you were a kid? Like going on field trips and riding the bus? All those simple things make me nervous as a parent. I’m not off my guard until she’s in my arms. If she’s five minutes late, I start to get nervous."

"There’s a principle in game theory known as min-maxing, meaning that in any given system, behaviors will evolve that maximize gain for minimum effort. This means that a lot of thought has to be put in to bulletproofing a new system against min-maxing. Take the internet, for example. The designers of the internet thought it was going to be this wonderful open community. They were expecting it to be nothing but unicorns shitting rainbows. But in come the min-maxers with their spam, bot nets, and viruses."

These two were acting like complete teenagers. When I walked up, she was nuzzling her head against his shoulder. She giggled the entire time I talked with them, while he kept a big goofy grin on his face. And whenever I asked about their relationship, she clutched his arm, looked at him just like this, giggled, then said: “We’re not telling!”

"I just want to be financially independent while I’m still young enough to enjoy it."
"Are you close?"
"Well, I’ve still got two daughters that need to go to college. So no."

"I ran away when I was 12 because my dad never fed me. I’d see other kids walking with their parents, and they seemed happy, so I figured things weren’t normal with me. The cops picked me up as I was about to cross the George Washington Bridge, and I’ve been in foster care ever since."

"She made me take ballet."

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